Technical articles index

This page is a quick landing page to show all of the technical articles on this site in one, easy to digest list.

Buying guides

Type 2 T1 – Split screen buying guide
Type 2 T2 – Bay window buying guide
Type 2 T25 – T25 / T3 / Wedge / Brick / Vanagon buying guide
Type 2 T4 – T4 buying guide
Type 2 T5 – T5 buying guide
Type 2 T6 – T6 buying guide


Clutch pedal support bracket on a T4
Dog restraint
Fuel gauge
Heater controls
Heater controls – cold air in the cab?
Indicator and wiper switch
Installing a Propex heater
Installing your own headlining
Keeping warm

Engine bay

Air cooled engine – cooling
Air cooled engine in action
Air cooled heating – adjusting
Air cooled heating – explained
Basic servicing of your air cooled vehicle
Battery charge quick reference guide
Carburettor – Solex carb bush replacement
Engine bay basics
Engine bay fire suppressors
Fuel – E10 fuels
Fuel economy – explained
Fuel economy – improving
Fuel hoses
Fuel problems
Hot start relay – fitting
Oil leaks
Safe and successful running of your pride and joy
Spark plugs
Split charge relay
Starting issues – Ian Crawford’s hack
Type 1 engine – servicing
Type 1 engine – overhauling
Valve adjustments
Voltmeter – fitting


Electric hook up
Fitting T5 side bars
Lock – Changing your lock to fit your key
Reversing sensors – fitting
Seals – replacing the sliding door seal without fully removing the door
Solar power – Charge Controllers
Solar power – installation
Windscreen wipers


Coming out of hibernation
Dinitrol for T4, T5, T6
Preparing for the MOT
Preparing for the winter layover

Tools and workshop

Metal fabricating kit
Spare parts list


Front brakes
Front brakes – renewing
Front calipers
Front suspension
Rear brakes
Rear brake drums
Rear brake hydraulics
Rebuilding the gear linkage
Replacing the master brake cylinder