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8 Things that Will Make Eating and Drinking on Your Camping Trip So Much Better


By Noah Kaufman |

The summer solstice is upon us and there are few better ways to spend the brightest weekend of the year than on a trip into the great outdoors. The fresh air, the chirping of the crickets, the knowledge that you don’t have to care about what’s trending on Facebook for several days—camping is great. But eating and drinking in the woods come with some drawbacks. Lugging beer and wine bottles in your backpack is cumbersome, making a decent meal on a stove the size of novelty Frisbee is challenging and how are you supposed to get a decent cup of coffee? Here are eight things that can solve all of those problems so you can worry about more important things, like what was that growling sound you just heard off in the woods.

Beer Concentrate

Drinking beer around the campfire is perhaps the best part of any camping trip. But packing out all of your empties (and make sure to pack out all of your empties) is a real pain. Pat’s in Alaska has created a beer concentrate, so you can make your own beer right on the trail. No more lugging around packs full of jangling glass bottles all weekend.

The Hydro Flask Camping Growler

What if you’re in the mood for a beer that doesn’t come in cans or bottles? You’re in luck. This vacuum insulated bottle will keep your beer cold for 24 hours, so stop by the brewery and have them fill it up.

Wine Preserver Bags

You can pick up wine in portable pouches, but selection is limited. These refillable ones, which will hold an entire 750ml bottle, will let you put whatever you want in them. Now you don’t have to leave that 1982 Bordeaux at home.

Pour Mason Coffee Maker

This funnel system makes pour-over coffee much more campfire-friendly. Also, hipsters rejoice, because you can own yet another item made of a Mason jar.

A Cooler That Dispenses Shots

Finally, a convenient way to get shots when the nearest bar is three hours away. This is made by Jägermeister, but if that’s not your vice of choice, you can fit it with other spirits.

The Coleman Camping Stove/Oven

We have a friend who insists the only food you should eat when you go camping is canned chili. We’re getting one of these ovens and making a soufflé. That should show him.

The Back Country Martini Glass

Wine and beer not your thing? Class up your campfire drinking with a martini from a stainless steel cup. These things are hearty enough to survive a bear attack.

Power Pot Generator

This brilliant heat-powered generator will charge your phone while you’re boiling water for your coffee. You may not have service, but at least you’ll be able to play Threes and Angry Birds.

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