Safe and successful running of your pride and joy

From Ian Crawford

Taken from Transporter Talk Issue 152

How often have you had to thumb through back issues of the club magazine, or search with difficulty through a manual such as Haynes or Bentley to refresh your memory on some basic (but important) detail relative to the safe or successful running of your pride and joy?

From tyre pressures to oil and spark plug gaps, I have typed the relevant answers and keep a copy in my van as well as home. Hopefully you will find it happy and keep a copy in your van too?

Distributor Condenser = PN 028-905-295B – J10197

Distributor Points = Gap 0.016” – PN 059-998-051B – J10515

Distributor Timing Alters = 1.5 degrees every 0.002” Gap

Dynamo/Alternator/Fan Belt Deflection = 3/8” (10mm)

Engine Oil = SAE15W/40

Fuses = 12 – Red 16amp – White 8amp

Gearbox Oil = Hypoid EP 80/90 – 3.5 litres

Spark Plugs = Bosch – Length 12.7mm – Thread 14mm

Spark Plugs Gap 0.028” (UK) = W8AC – J13138

Valve Clearance = 0.006” (Cold)

Tyre Pressure Front = 30psi (VW Manual) – 34psi (T2OC)

Tyre Pressure Rear = 37-40psi (VW Manual) – 54psi (T2OC)

Tyre Pressure Spare = Keep at 42psi

Tyre Info = Radial – 185 R 14 C or 185 R 14 XC4S