Members motor – Arun Patel’s 1966 Split Screen Chicago Microbus

It started with our first camping venture to
Bugs at the Castle a few summers ago. This
was our first taste of the VW life and since
then we have been hooked. My other half has
spent ten years in New Zealand and loves the
outdoor life and the whole association with
VW’s, camping and living the life in the sun.
Whilst she was away abroad with the girls I
saw a camper for sale in Wakefield. I decided
to hire a trailer from a local body shop in Wales
and make the trek to take a look. I collected my
brother in law on the way through Birmingham
on route to the viewing.
On the return leg we had a blow out on the
trailer and ended up arriving home on the
back of an AA truck at midnight. (Editor PA –
Sounds like the perfect start to VW ownership!)
Once it was safely home, work began! There
were four years of hard work to carry out a
complete nut and bolt restoration and now
she is finished, awaiting some trips to shows and events. My nine year old nephew got
involved in the restoration and he helped me
to strip the van down and even put the roof
rack together himself. (Editor PA – Which is a
thing of beauty!)
We obtained the van’s birth certificate from the
Auto Museum in Germany and it shows that
the Engine and Gearbox fitted in the van are
both original items! Although original numbers,
the engine and gearbox have also had rebuilds.
The engine has had a complete top and
bottom end rebuild to factory standard and the
gearbox with differentials have been restored
by Bears Motorsport in Birmingham.
The interior is composed of Ostrich double
stitched hide, complimented with striped
The vehicle has a NOV certificate, rolling road
tuning certificate, full MOT and has been
plated for use in the UK.
We think that the quality of work and detail on
this van is fantastic and hope that it gets some
use during 2018, maybe we will get a chance
to see it at a VWT2OC event.