We’d love to welcome you as part of our club.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a member:

  • Member discounts to major VW related suppliers who ship all over the world
  • Club events
  • Discounted entry to some of the major VW Shows
  • Bi-monthly magazine full of interesting and useful articles and references
  • Useful knowledge base
  • The opportunity to meet like minded people at meetings
  • Unfortunately, for insurance reasons we are no longer able to offer valuations


Membership options

DONT HAVE PAYPAL?? Download the application form here and post us a cheque!!

32 thoughts on “JOIN US!!!

  1. jason smiles

    hi, i joined the club on the 11th and havent heard anything since, no passwords or confrimations ?


  2. Stuart


    What other benifits does the club offer? I am looking at getting my bus valued for the insurance. Is this something the cliub offers?



  3. Darren

    23 years ago I had a brown Type 2 Holdworth level 3 conversion reg HGP***K that I drove 12,000 miles around Europe in. I’d love to know it’s whereabouts now. A few years ago it was showing as no longer taxed but I noticed it’s popped back up on the radar and is now beige. I’d love to see how it’s doing and either make an offer on it or at least be given the chance of first refusal when the current owners decide to part company with it. I have photos to prove prior ownership. Any help finding it appreciated. Thanks

    1. Nick Gillott

      Hi Darren,
      With some members having multiple vans, we cannot keep a track of all number plates for all members but currently that one is not listed with a member. Other popular places are and the Facebook groups latebay.fb and BayPride, someone on one of those may know about it.
      If you track it down, let us know.
      Nick (Website manager)

  4. John Richards

    Hi there,

    i left the club back in May when i sold my van and informed you of the decision at the time. i forgot to cancel my paypal transfer and it has just taken another £25.00 out of my account. please could you credit this back to me asap?
    apologies and thanks


  5. Carmel O' Connor


    I joined but can’t remember my password or find it on my emails. Please can you help?

    1. Nick Gillott

      Hi Carmel,
      The password for the club pages is on the first right hand page of the club magazine.

    1. Nick Gillott

      Hi Barry,
      If you have a birth letter from Volkswagen to show the proper age of the vehicle, the DVLA should be able to provide you with an age related plate. there are times when that is not possible but the folks at the DVLA can often advise over a phone call.

  6. Marianne & family

    Hi, proud new owners of a 1976 Westy originally from California (the kids are besotted)
    hoping to get lots of inspiration and advice to keep her running smoothly


    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author


      Congratulations on the new addition. I’m sure she won’t let you down.

      Do you gave a name for her yet?

  7. Chris

    Just about to collect a 74 converted panel van. Completely empty, so a blank canvas 🙂 . So will need lots of advice on my journey to get it how i want.
    Cheers Chris

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Welcome to the club!.

      Hopefully you’ll get the help you need with us.

      Best of luck on your new project!.


  8. ollie

    Hello All! Just thought I would say hi to all the campers out there, Happy to finally be part of the fun and hopefully get to many of these camper events as possible to meet you all :)!

    Just bought a 1979 Moonraker after months of looking !!!! 😀

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Welcome to the club Ollie!!.

      It can be hard finding a good value van for the money you pay but it sounds like you have done it the right way and taken your time.
      We hope that you enjoy yourself being part of the club.
      Why not write a short article about your search for your perfect camper van. We’d love to publish it online and in the magazine.
      Happy camping!!

  9. Darren & Sam

    I have just bought my first T2 bay window with the intention to fully restore her after completing a Series 3 Land Rover. However, after taking her for a ride last night ahead of stripping her down I think I will need help and some medication 🙂 So joined the team here for help over the year(s) ahead. Good to be on board.

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Welcome to the club Darren and Sam!
      Let us know how you progress and if we can be of any help please get in touch.
      Happy Campering!!!

  10. leon sutton

    hi just brought a 1970 t2 lefty westfalia imported from america in 2009 and wanted to join a club to make new freinds and enjoy group wekends with a fun bunch of people and also good to get advice from many thanks leon from Daventry northants

  11. Stewart Scott

    Just owned my 72 crossover for a little over 2 months and I’m itching to get my young family out camping in her but altho usable she’s far from a show bus but with a little knowledge and help I reckon I can get a few steps closer.

  12. Steven baker

    Me and my gf recently bought a 72 t2. I’m glad I’ve found the right owners club. Can’t wait to see what I can learn from this website 🙂

  13. Martin Hudson

    Hi, I’m having problems joining, the site took my money and asked for no details ?

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Martin,

      If you paid by Paypal, the Paypal site sends enough information for our membership secretary to send you your membership details.
      If you haven’t received anything within the week, please let me know and we will sort it but I’m sure it’s all in hand.
      Thanks very much for joining and I hope you enjoy your membership.
      Please come along to our camps. We’d love to meet you in person!

  14. peter pounds

    Just got my 1979 T2 Bay Devon Moonraker conversion back from restoration and looking forward to the rest of the summer.

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Sounds like you got it back just in time for the good weather!!!

      Enjoy your van – why not send some photos and we can run a story about your restoration???

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      All the best.

  15. shaun hannan

    Just bought a 1971 bay window t2 called Maggie May. Maggie is just having a bit of tlc before our first outing. I will probably need some help and advise. Cheers Shaun

    1. Volkst2oc

      Hope the tlc goes well. Always good to hear off people who are new to VWs. By all means if you need help get in touch and we’ll see if we can help!

  16. Paul Blandford

    I own a 2007 Watercooled T2c from Brazil,it has a 1400cc Totalflex engine and was converted/imported by Danbury Motorcaravans

  17. mark

    wanted to join vw owners club, as I’ve just brought my very first campervan a 1970 westfalia called Monty, really excited about getting him upto his original glory. And no doubt will need some help and advise. Many thanks Mark


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