Frequently Asked Questions

How many members at the moment? About 900 members all across the UK from south Cornwall to north Scotland, from East Anglia to west Ireland (and a few abroad who are most welcome!).

What are the benefits of joining? See our Join Us page.

Do you do insurance valuations? For insurance reasons, we are unable to undertake valuations at the moment.

How often do you meet up? We run events or attend VW shows with a club presence throughout the year (excluding winter!). See our events page.

I want to sell my VW transporter, do you have a selling page? No.

Are dogs and children welcome at your events? Yes, well behaved ones only (that goes for adults too!).

I live a long way from most of your camps and have never been to one. Are you doing a camp near me soon? The Events Manager has published a summary of forthcoming events in the magazine, we look forward to seeing you at one soon. Please remember that a club camp / event / meeting takes time and often upfront money to arrange, plan, book, advertise and attend – it is not just a phone call to the site! We must ensure the financial viability of the club, so if you can arrange at least ten members in your area to attend the event, and assist with your local knowledge on a venue, we will be happy to discuss logistics. Please contact our Events Manager to discuss further.