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they learnt from their mistakes with this one. The shape was so 80s! but evolved and started to include water cooled editions

This is One Serious Syncro

For $48,000, This Is A Serious Syncro

The SVX EG33 engine – all 3,318-ccs and 230-bhp of it – is claimed to have but 75K under its belt, and like its four-pot brethren fits just fine here. In fact, when shoved up a Vanagon’s bum it’s also considered by many to make for the king of Vanarus. Here it’s fronted by a manual gearbox and, as a Syncro, the Subaru-sourced power is sent to all four wheels through a Steyr- Daimler-Puch designed system. The added weight of the 4×4 system gave the Syncro a nearly neutral 48/52 weight distribution, but it’s still not something you’d want to take to your local Gymkhana.

For $48,000, This Is A Serious SyncroExpand

Or maybe it is, as this Syncro is also a Westfalia, that top popping home away from home that’s well loved by people unfamiliar with the concepts of motels. This one is said to “feature” a fridge kit so you’ll be stuck drinking beer like the Brits, but its pop-up roof, awning, and assorted cabinetry all look to be in fully serviceable condition. Also, there’s a gas-fired heater to keep your cockles nice and toasty, whatever they are.

On the outside, there’s decent dark blue paint, 16″ alloys under a 2″ lift, and an Afrikaner grille all topped off by a Yakima rack, don’t talk back.

For $48,000, This Is A Serious SyncroExpand

Westfalias in general, and Syncros in particular seem to be crazyypants desireable these days, and commensurately can command some serious scratch. This one is no exception, as its asking price is a not insubstantial $48,000. Not only that but the seller says he’s totally serious about that price, and won’t even acknowledge lessor offers. He probably goes to the grocery store and when the cashier rings him up at, say, $63.50, he get’s all wild eyed and runs screaming from the store shouting No! Forty eight thousand! Forty! Eight! Freaking! Thousand!

Or maybe not.

Regardless, while he may be no-nonsense about his price, it’s now up to you to determine whether his Subaru-powered Syncro is worthy of both a furrowed brow and chin stroke, as well as that $48,000. What do you think, should this serious seller get his way? Or, does that price make this Syncro suck?

You decide!


‘Camper van of love’ gets Coedpoeth woman to church on time

A BRIDE used her late father’s camper van to get her to the church on time.

While some brides dream of a posh car or a horse drawn carriage, Amie Tekeian-Gash, from Coedpoeth, wanted a ‘camper van of love’ which has been in the family for 25 years, doing thousands of miles.

Meroojan Tekeian bought the blue Volkswagen in 1988 and took the family on holidays all over Europe including Spain, St Tropez, Berlin and Vienna, never once breaking down.

Mr Tekeian died five years ago but there was still a part of him at his daughter’s wedding thanks to his van, which the family always called ‘The Tecko Van’.

Travelling in the van, Amie arrived in time to marry the love of her life, self-employed builder Chris Gash, 42.

Amie, 27, said: “Dad used to turn up to school to pick us up in the van and I used to be so embarrassed.

“Now I have ended up using it as my wedding car.

“I even said to Chris that if the van breaks down on the way to the wedding then it’s a sign my dad doesn’t want me to marry him.” But true to its form, The Tecko Van got the bride to St Giles’ Parish Church on time and to the reception at Chester Racecourse.

“I felt like my dad was taking me to my wedding and there was a piece of him there,” said Amie, who is originally from the Rhosddu area.

When Mr Tekeian died he was in the process of changing the van’s engine.

But dental nurse Amie, who works in Ruabon, was not going to let the camper van fall into ruin and decided to spend about £5,000 on the van, getting it all done up for her wedding, and passed on her idea to Simon Edwards from Body Perfect garage, Rhosrobin, who carried out the work.

She said: “Everyone around Wrexham knows the van and it is very well known.

“My dad used to own Tekeian’s off licence on Rhosddu Road and everyone knew him and the van.

“Now we are are going to pimp it out on the inside and take it to the VW camper van shows.

“We will never sell it because dad loved it and it was his pride and joy.”