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Seasick Steve’s camper heads for sale at Coys

Blues Artist, Seasick Steve’s, Volkswagen splitscreen camper van is going up for sale at Coys‘ 10 January auction at the Autosport International racing car show.

The camper is in excellent condition, with a number of upgrades, including an uprated 1598cc flat-four with twin-carbs – it sports an estimate of £30,000-35,000. The interior features varnished wooden cabinets, leather seating and a fold away double bed and table.

The 1967 11-window Combi was imported to the UK around 10 years ago. The interior was updated, and features varnished wooden cabinets, leather seating and a fold away double bed and table. ‘Type 2 Detectives’ have recently repainted the vehicle in its original Velvet Green paint and detailed the USA-specification bumpers in their original Volkswagen Lotus white.

Chris Routledge of Coys said:’There will also be seven motor cars present from the hit television production For the Love of Cars for a live auction, featuring car fanatic Philip Glenister and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead.’

Other entries include a 1985 Austin Mini Mayfair, with only 3241 miles from new, offered at no reserve and a 1952 MG TD MkII, one owner from new, estimated at £20,000 to £30,000.

Keith Adams

Sweet ride! Feast eyes on VW camper van that takes the biscuit – because it’s made out of GINGERBREAD

Mechanics and workers at Volkswagen made the bizarre Christmas treat out of sponge cake, chocolate jam and icing, and auctioned it for charity

When it comes to bizarre Christmas treats, the engineers at Volkswagen really take the biscuit – because they’ve created a camper van out of GINGERBREAD.

Fourteen mechanics and assembly workers at the German manufacturer’s HQ created a life-size biscuit version of their iconic VW camper van.

And they’re now set to auction it off to raise money for a children’s cancer charity.

CEN Gingerbread camper van
Craft work: The gingerbread casing was stuck together with melted chocolate

Showing a sense of humour, some would consider rare in the Teutonic auto business.

But the plant workers in the city of Hannover, Lower Saxony, crafted the rest of it with sponge cake, chocolate, jam, and icing.

The GTi – or Gingerbread Tastes Incredible – took 150 painstaking hours to make and needed 280 kilograms (617 lbs) of biscuit dough, held together with melted chocolate.

CEN Gingerbread camper van
Cookie cutting: The icing version of the iconic VW badge takes form

Then the plant’s paint finish experts – who used eight litres of food colouring – took over, spraying layers of icing all over, followed by white and red chocolate to give the final touches.

And then – showing the precision German engineers are famous for – the team painstakingly recreated the world famous VW logo.

CEN Gingerbread camper van
Double vision: The gingerbread version next to the real thing

The camper was then sold at auction, raising £1,975 for a local children’s cancer charity.

Creator Dr Elke Eller, 43, VW trucks’ human resources head, said: “This project has been fantastic because it was fun and has let us help children who are ill with cancer.

“But on top of this we have been able to give our camper van a bit of a Christmas feeling.”

German car dealer Rudi Dietl, 45, first had the idea for the full-size Volkswagen bus made of gingerbread and was also there at the unveiling of the gingerbread camper van.


AT-AT-VW, LEGO Mashup of an AT-AT Walker From ‘Star Wars’ & A Volkswagen Bus


AT-AT-VW is a custom-built a brilliant LEGO mashup by Denmark-based LEGO design lead Craig Callum that merges an AT-AT walker from Star Wars with a classic Volkswagen Bus. It was photographed last year by BrickJournal. We have previously written about a real-life Volkswagen Bus that was transformed into an AT-AT walker.

photo via Mark Stafford

via The Brothers Brick

Insanely Useful Camping Gadgets

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Dreaming of the warmer summer months and days spent lolling about the campsite? Or, perhaps you’re trying your best to find a sweet gift for the camper in your life. Whatever your reasons, we know how you feel. And, that’s exactly why the faveable team has put together this list of the most incredible and insanely useful camping gadgets available now. These gadgets make it easy to feel at home in the wild. Think hot showers, comfy beds, fresh (real) coffee and electricity when you need it most. Featured image above is of the iPhone Binoculars that attaches itself to an iPhone for making the phone’s screen a viewfinder and easy video recording. We bet you’re dreaming about camping now!

Eton Scorpion Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio

Eton Scorpion Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio
This all-terrain unit is solar powered, crank powered and is a flashlight, a radio, a USB cell phone charger and possibly your new best friend.   Learn more »
$62.00 | Save: $15.46 (25%)

Powertraveller Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger

Powertraveller Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger
This eco-friendly portable solar charger utilized advanced solar technology to charge even in low-light or cloudy conditions, making sure that you will never be without much needed power. Learn more »
$200.00 | Save: $20.01 (10%)

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor
A self-contained unit combines hydrogen from rechargable cells with oxygen to generate power. Learn more »
$169.99 | Save: $54.10 (32%)

SnowPeak Mini Hozuki Lantern

SnowPeak Mini Hozuki Lantern
Add ambiance and camp lighting to your outdoor adventure, with these mini lanterns. Durable and water-resistant design provides up to 70 hours of light. Learn more »

The Netted Cocoon Hammock

The Netted Cocoon Hammock
If you’ve been camping in the middle of summer then you know that mosquitoes can ruin your trip by not allowing you to sleep at night. Luckily there are ways to keep the pests away and still sleep in comfort. The netted cocoon hammock helps to keep the creepy crawlies off of you.  Learn more »

Folding Cooler Bag Chairs

Folding Cooler Bag Chairs
Combine the convenience of a insulated cooler with a folding chair and you have a portable folding chair cooler.  This affordable and versatile chair is a great gift item for everyone! Learn more »
$40.43 | Save: $11.43 (28%)

Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad

Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad
Gone are the days of restless nights during your camping trip – MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad keeps your comfortable when you sleep, with adjustable firmness. Simple to set up with a quick-filling, self-inflating foam. Learn more »
$219.00 | Save: $43.84 (20%)

Weather Alert Wristwatch

Weather Alert Wristwatch
This digital watch has integrated weather instruments and an alarm that alerts when extreme weather is imminent.  Ideal for tracking weather conditions when hiking, biking, or engaging in other outdoor activities. Learn more »

Selk Bag 4G Lite Sleeping Bag

Selk Bag 4G Lite Sleeping Bag
Lightweight sleeping bag, perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Comfortable and durable, with polyester shell. Great for camping!  Now in its 4th Generation, the Selk’bag Sleepwear System is now offered in a new Lite version that is 30% lower in weight than Selk’bag 3G. Learn more »

The 30 Day Lantern

The 30 Day Lantern
The 30 day lantern from eGear does exactly what it’s name implies. It provides up to 30 days of reliable light on a single set of batteries which make it great for extended stays in the wilderness. Learn more »

iPhone Binoculars

iPhone Binoculars
Awesome outdoor binoculars that attach to an iPhone for easy viewing and recording. Learn more »

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink
Convenient and portable solution to having a sink during your outdoor and camping trips. This unique design won’t collapse or tip while in use, and easily stores into a compact case. Learn more »
$26.95 | Save: $7.96 (30%)

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System
Flash is an all-in-1 design, combining burner and cooking vessel in a single, compact unit. The system lights with the click of a button and within 2 minutes provides 2 cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The newly designed burner secures the igniter, protecting it from bumps along the road. Learn more »
$99.95 | Save: $12.51 (13%)

ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker
No need for pods or capsules, the ROK is the non-electric, hands-on way of making espresso just how you want it. You choose the coffee and provide the power, by using hand-powered pressure. Learn more »
$250.00 | Save: $40.01 (16%)

Flapot – Folding Pot

Flapot - Folding Pot
Simple and flexible design, this folding pot is perfect for camping. Learn more »

Columbia River Knife and Tool – Eat N’ Tool

Columbia River Knife and Tool - Eat N' Tool
This multi-tool combines a spoon, fork, and bottle opener into one. Learn more »
$14.99 | Save: $4.16 (28%)

Eton Rugged Rukus Wireless Sound System

Eton Rugged Rukus Wireless Sound System
Enjoy your stereo on the trail, in the garden or at the beach, with these solar powered, water resistant and tough speakers. Learn more »
$129.99 | Save: $61.03 (47%)

SLXtreme 5 – Waterproof iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Solar Case Charger

SLXtreme 5 - Waterproof iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Solar Case Charger
Keep your iPhone 5 and and iPhone 5S out of harm’s way and extend its operating time with the SLXtreme 5 – Waterproof iPhone 5 and and iPhone 5S Solar Case Charger. Learn more »
$149.99 | Save: $22.72 (15%)

Solar Camp Shower

Solar Camp Shower
No need for cold showers when camping! Made from PVC-free materials, this holds five gallons, allowing you to fill with water and hang in the sun, to enjoy warm showers. Learn more »

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove
Cook your meals while you charge your gadgets, on campsite, combining the benefits of a backpack stove and power charger. Learn more »

Police appeal after Volkswagen campervan set alight in Haslingden

POLICE are looking for witnesses to a fire in Haslingden.

It is believed that accelerant was poured on to a Volkswagen camper van parked on the driveway before being set alight.

The flames from the vehicle spread to the house and caused damage to the guttering and woodwork. It happened in Fields Road between 3am and 4am on Tuesday, November 18.

DC Phil McGauley of East CID said: “I would appeal to anyone who may have been out and about in the Greenfield area of Haslingden around the time of the fire or who may have seen anything unusual or untoward to contact me on 01282 472205.”

Swiss Room Box design camping kit based on Swiss Army Knife to turn any car into a camper van


The transformer films are getting worse every time one is released, but there influence on the world just keeps getting better.

Some clever designers (Michael Bay was not one of them) created this nifty kit that turns your car into a little camper van.

The Swiss Room Box folds out to form a table, chairs and a camping stove, and then when dinner time is over the kit can be transformed into a double bed.

Inspired by the design of the Swiss Army Knife, the design fits in any car, regardless of its size, and will work even if the car is parked on a slope.

A spokesperson from the company said: ‘Thanks to an ingenious modular system installed in the boot of your car, you can cook, eat, take a shower and sleep during your outdoor adventures.’

Pictured -The  Swiss Room Box that sits in the boot of a car and folds out to a bed and other useful tools. See Ross Parry copy RPYSWISS. This innovative idea will save you bags of V-ROOM as you convert your car into a camper. Whether at the side of a stream or the top of a mountain, the new Swiss Room Box revolutionises the motorhome and makes even the most compact of vehicles a dreamy place to stay. Modelled on a Swiss army knife, the design has a tool for every camping trip - including a double bed, a table and chairs and a camping stove.

Everything you could need, excluding an actual house (Picture: SWNS)

It of course has some limitations (by ‘shower’ they really mean ‘extendable tap’), but it does still seem like a handy luxury for any campers who love the outdoors but can’t stand being too far away from their car.

The unique design allows everything to be put together without the use of any tools, and when you’re done it all folds away again into the back of your car.

MORE: Worcestershire pub offers overnight camping to boozy customers

MORE: Carry on camping in the van that’s the ideal vehicle for music festivals

Pictured -The  Swiss Room Box that sits in the boot of a car and folds out to a bed and other useful tools. See Ross Parry copy RPYSWISS. This innovative idea will save you bags of V-ROOM as you convert your car into a camper. Whether at the side of a stream or the top of a mountain, the new Swiss Room Box revolutionises the motorhome and makes even the most compact of vehicles a dreamy place to stay. Modelled on a Swiss army knife, the design has a tool for every camping trip - including a double bed, a table and chairs and a camping stove.

The design fits snugly onto the back of the car (Pictured: SWNS)


Solar charging your car, camping or emergency batteries

ALEKO® 30W 30-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

I wanted the option of solar charging my 12V batteries; I found it cheap and simple.

All you really need is a panel to collect and convert the energy, and a controller to send it to the battery at a safe current for charging!

You can just buy a kit and get all the parts you need in one click. I’ve found, however, that shopping for your own panel, controller and wiring gets you a nicer and more reliable set for about the same price. I have also standardized on the same quick-connect pigtails my pulse battery charger uses (and I’ve installed on my motorcycles and cars,) so I like to just buy the parts.

I chose the 30W panel for its ability to nearly, fully charge my 400W battery in 8 hours of decent sunlight. Most often I use the panel to charge this inverter/jumpstarter/air compressor while camping. I’ve made it two weeks without needing to plug the battery in to a wall, limited only by available time to keep camping, not the efficiency of the charging system. Make sure to pick the right size panel for your application!

All in all, the solar charging of 12V batteries is pretty simple.



Martin Dorey – Western Morning News interview

Working to enjoy life

By Mike Bramhall


Martin Dorey has a simple philosophy in life: work and reward. It’s one that has underpinned his busy, eventful life and has paved the way for countless adventures and time spent enjoying the Westcountry’s beautiful beaches.

Some might think the Cornwall-based surfer, writer, VW owner, cook and TV star has the perfect life, making the most of his family and the gorgeous coast and countryside of his adopted home. And they would be right.

But as workaholic Martin, 47, makes clear, he has earned every second of the time he spends exploring the coastal paths, coves and surfing spots of Devon and Cornwall, foraging for nature’s harvest and cooking up quirky culinary creations on his classic camper van stove.

It has also led him to his latest project, the Two Minute Beach Clean initiative, which is sweeping social media sites and attracting thousands of volunteers. But more of that later.

So who is Martin Dorey? The husband to Joanne and father of daughters Maggie, aged 11, and Charlotte – otherwise known as Charlie – aged 10, lives in Bude and sprang to national fame in 2010 when he presented a 10 part TV show One Man and his Camper Van on BBC2, which has since been shown all over the world.

The ‘star’ of the show, if not Martin, was his 35-year-old Volkswagen Type 2 camper van, affectionately known as Dave. And making up the Dorey clan is a seven-year-old dog of unknown origin called Bob. Also in 2010, he published the phenomenally successful The Camper Van Cookbook, subtitled Life on Four Wheels, Cooking on Two Rings.

Billed as ‘the book that no camper van or motorhome owner should be without’, it features almost 100 recipes for cooking on two rings, over a fire or on the barbecue and a few ideas for fireside drinks.

It was followed two years later by The Camper Van Coast, subtitled Cooking, Eating, Living the Life. This featured more than 100 new recipes to cook in a camper van, on the campsite or at home. Many are based on ingredients which can be found at the coast.

As Martin explained about his first best-seller: “This was a book I had wanted to write for a long time before I actually got the chance to write it.

“I love to cook but I’m not a chef, nor will I ever claim to be. But I do consider every meal to be part of my continuing education in food.

“My love of cooking and camping comes from half a lifetime’s worth of experience cooking and sleeping in vans, cars and under canvas whilst on surf trips, but it wasn’t until I began picking and cooking mussels from beaches near my house that I had the idea for The Camper Van Cookbook and it all started to come together.

“I wanted to share everything I’d learnt along the way. I wanted to share the joy of waking up to perfect surf, of camping in the wilds, of spending time with good friends, of eating well, of finding food and of getting off the sofa. It’s not much to ask is it? Simple pleasures like picking blackberries or walking the coast path should be celebrated more. It’s what makes us feel alive.”

All of which sums up his outlook on life. Now he spends his time writing articles about VWs, camping, food, fun and simple pleasures, and producing material for clients of his thriving digital, advertising and marketing Copy Monkey company, which is based in North Devon and has clients across the South West, UK and Ireland. Not to mention surfing and generally enjoying life wherever and whenever possible.

So how did Martin fall in love with Devon and Cornwall, and come to enjoy what to many must seem a dream existence?

He explains: “I have only had conventional jobs for about five years.

“I was born in Chalfont St Giles and was brought up in Buckinghamshire. When I was seven or eight, my family went to Bantham on holiday. I saw people surfing and thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.”

He was bitten by the surfing bug. But first he went to college in Manchester to do a film production degree course. Still surfing at weekends in the North West, he graduated in 1989 and went to work in the film production industry in London as a runner in Soho.

Fed-up with life in London, he came to Cornwall and spent a summer working in a surf shop in St Ives, but went back after the season ended.

He returned to film production, which saw him end up travelling the world filming and making documentaries, and interviewing among many others Hollywood legends Lauren Bacall – “She was absolutely charming, a warm and funny human being” – and Kirk Douglas: “Interviewing him, that was awesome.”

Martin said: “It was amazing, a brilliant career to have, but pretty precarious.

“You worked really hard, then you took time off. I have this attitude that I would work extremely hard, then save up the points for when I was not working.

“It is about working really hard in order to have the things you want: namely freedom.

“I used to work all year, then the film industry would go quiet in December and January. That’s when I would go travelling.

“I did one job where I was working seven days a week for months, then I took several weeks off. It is all about work and reward.”

Finally, in 1996, Martin tired of his hectic lifestyle and took the decision to move from Notting Hill to Bradworthy in Devon.

He recalls: “It’s wild – a great place. I spent some time doing up a house, going to the pub and surfing.

“My wife moved to the South West in 1998, we got married and that’s when I started writing.”

After spells living in Northam, North Devon, and Horns Cross, near Clovelly, the family moved to Bude 18 months ago.

Martin said: “We would always spend time in Bude when we had time off. It’s fantastic.

“Now I run my company, and I am writing a film script. Since my books came out, I have been able to do more of that kind of work. My heart and soul went into those books.

“I was lucky enough to catch the moment with those books and TV show.

“This year I have been writing a series for MMM Magazine about Great British Adventures, which has taken me all over the UK in the name of work.

“We’ve climbed Snowdon, gone caving, ridden the Severn bore, been on Europe’s longest zip wire, cycled half the coast to coast, done stand up paddling, Segwayed and just about everything else. That’s been brilliant!”

So how does Martin like to spend his time off when he is not working?

“I love to get out in the camper van and go surfing, eating well and cooking. It has always been, for me, something that takes me out of everything.

“I enjoy packing a picnic with the kids, going onto a beach and having a surf. I adore St Ives and I love Bude – it’s absolutely brilliant. It has a really nice attitude and lovely people.

“Once you have earned something, you should enjoy it. I love having freedom, fun, simplicity – the good things in life.

“I really love the attitude of people in Devon and Cornwall who have fun and enjoy going to the beach every day. We should never under-estimate the power of that. We must remember how lucky we are to be in this wonderful place.

“My wife is studying nursing in Truro and is working really hard. I am supporting the family through my work. I am enjoying life and we do our best to enjoy time off.

“It’s that work and reward thing again.”

Top 10 winter camping and glamping breaks in the UK

Winter Pod, Langdale, Lake District A winter pod, Great Langdale, Lake District. Photograph: Rose Lord

Great Langdale, Cumbria

Winner of the Great Outdoors accommodation of the year award 2014, this campsite at the head of a valley is a beautiful spot for winter walks. But while hiking should keep you warm by day, a selection of cosy hideaways will keep you snug at night. Visitors can choose from double-glazed wooden camping pods, which include heating and lighting or, for those who want a more boutique outdoors experience, luxury yurts furnished with Moroccan-style rugs and throws, fairy lights, lanterns and a wood-burning stove. And with the Sticklebarn pub – known for its real ales and good local grub – nearby, you should be able to slip into a pretty comfortable routine in no time.
Standard pods from £35 a night (two adults, one child), 01539 432733,

Vanellus, Elmley national nature reserve, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

elmleyshephers hutssummer

In the stunning surroundings of the Isle of Sheppey nature reserve, Vanellus is a large shepherd’s hut. From the comfort of your abode (which is hooked up to electricity), you can gaze out through floor-to-ceiling windows as the sun rises and sets, watching birds of prey and other wildlife. The reserve can be explored on foot, or you can book a 4WD tour of the area. The farm has a lounge in a converted barn, where you can hang out or eat communally, but if you really can’t bear to step into the cold, you can have meals – including hot bacon rolls for breakfast – delivered to your door.
From £180 for a two-night stay (sleeps two), 0117 204 7830,

Inshriach shepherd’s hut, Inshriach House, Aviemore, the Cairngorms, Scotland

Inshriach glamping

Another shepherd’s hut, this time in the Highlands, where it really does get chilly come winter. Thanks to a Alles stove and a slate hearth, however, you should be able to keep toasty all year round. No expense has been spared on its interior, which has a mahogany table and a raised oak bed. The hand-built Swedish-style hut may be well insulated, but if you feel yourself in need of a deeper warmth, the wood-fired sauna made from a converted horsebox down on the riverside should do the trick. And if there’s snow, you may even be able to partake in a spot of ski touring, with the help of the estate’s owners.
From £150 for a two-night stay (sleeps two), 0117 204 7830,

The Cabin at Nant yr Onnen, near Llandovery, Wales

The Cabin glamping

The Cabin is an unusual octagonal wood structure, built by local craftsmen keen to make an eco-friendly home. The electricity supply, for example, is powered by the nearby stream. From the sheltered veranda you can enjoy views across the hills, and the surrounding countryside is perfect for walking all year round. Inside the cosy hut is a wood-burning stove, and you can also warm up in a recently built spring-fed hot tub.
From £85 a night throughout December (sleeps two), mulled wine available 15 Dec-4 Jan, 0117 204 7830,

Guilden Gate Glamping, Hertfordshire

Guilden Gate glamping

Campervan comforts … though the hammock may suit summer months better

Just 35 minutes by train from London, the Guilden Gate campsite is ideal for an easy rural family escape from the capital. Set in a woodland glade, a campervan is your main bedroom,and a bell tent can act as another bedroom, or a lounge. There’s also a huge wok-shaped hot tub, big enough for six adults. The site is close to Cambridge (20 minutes’ drive), so you can explore the city by day – if the icy countryside gets too much.
From £65 a night (sleeps four, minimum two-night stay), 01763 243960,

Baby Moon, Dunsdale, North Yorkshire

Baby Moon glamping

If the “magic herb garden” doesn’t tempt you, maybe the chance to meet a chicken named Lady Gaga will be enough to get you booking. Just 10 minutes’ drive from the coast, the bohemian site offers its visitors a host of creative activities, including classes from knitting to yoga and therapies including reiki and Indian head massage. There’s also a wide choice of richly decorated, cosy and very groovy places to sleep, including yurts inspired by Mexican divas, fairy tales and the intriguingly named “hippy hippy shake” tent.
£95 a night (sleeps four/five), 07764 928487,

Circus wagon, near Llangrannog, Ceredigion, Wales

Circus wagon, near Llangrannog, Ceredigion, Wales

A colourful, romantic and unique place to stay, this restored circus wagon is one of just three identical carts built in 1946. The opportunity to bed down in what was the home of a troupe of acrobats, and later a clairvoyant, is difficult to pass up and the two-person carriage provides a warm, snug place to stay during the winter. Inside is a fully kitted-out kitchen and next door is a shepherd’s hut that has been converted into a shower room. An electric heating system will keep you warm inside the oak-panelled bedroom, which boasts a full-size double bed.
From £179 a night (sleeps two), 0844 5005 101,

Wowo campsite, Wapsbourne, Sussex

WOWO glamping

Surrounded by woodland and a brook, Wowo offers year-round camping – as well as a wide range of impeccably decked out yurts, shepherd’s huts, tipis and bell tents for anyone wanting some rustic comfort. The site itself has a festival atmosphere: there are regular workshops and acoustic music performances and campers are encouraged to make their own campfires to keep warm … and cook their dinner on. For an extra-special stay, book into one of the yurts on the “tipi trail”, a secluded section of the campsite in woodland, where you can enjoy the soothing sound of running water.
Prices vary according to accommodation. Bell tents start at £156 for two nights midweek (sleeps family of four). The Gypsy wagon starts at £124 for two nights’ stay midweek (sleeps two adults and one child), 01825 723414,

Heather Hut, Hesleyside Huts, Bellingham, Northumberland

Hesley huts

The rustic wood exterior of this shepherd’s hut (one of two on the estate) transforms into a world of cosiness once you step through the door. Inside are all the luxuries you’d hope for, especially on a cold winter’s night: a wood-fired oven and hotplate, en suite shower, wood-burner and electric lighting. The king-size bed is tucked into the far end of the tastefully decorated hut and there’s a fold-down bunk suitable for children. Entertainment in this neck of the woods takes the form of campfires in the fire pit outside and stargazing; telescopes are provided.
From £150 for a two-night stay (sleeps two adults and one child), 0117 204 7830,

The Roundhouse, Somerset

Roundhouse GoGlamping

It’s probably pushing the limits of what you can even class as “glamping” but we realise that for some, winter really is not the time to shirk on home comforts. This hand-crafted wooden roundhouse, in the grounds of an organic farm near Bath, is a palatial hidey-hole with a grand four-poster bed as the centrepiece. And that’s not all, the en suite cabin also contains a classic roll-top bath, a 1940s Rayburn stove, a well-equipped kitchen and a couple of sofas. Still, the countryside is right outside your door, with the 40-acre farm and nearby woodlands to explore. Home produce, including veggie and pork sausages are also available to guests.
From £41 a night (sleeps up to four, minimum stay three nights),

What’s a Subagon?


Subagon is a VW Vanagon made more reliable, faster, safer and very attractivre.  If you love your Vanagon but it runs like a Vanagon, we can help. If you don’t have a Vanagon but want the coolest one out there on the road…Call Subagon.
We convert client vans and we also build our own ultimate Subagons for sale. Either way we love what we do and we work really hard to make your van the best we can.

Our Subaru Vanagon conversions consist of top quality VW Vanagons, Syncros, Westfalias, Transporter Single Cabs and Double Cabs combined with the ultimate in reliable engines from Subaru. Conversions range from the 135HP Subaru 2.2L, (CA LEGAL) to the 175HP 2.5L , the H6 3.0 motor and the 230HP 3.3L Subaru. With any of these fine motors you will notice a huge improvement in your Vanagon performance. From the smooth delivery of power, to reliability, to the sound of the engine, you will not be disappointed in your Subagon Subaru Vanagon conversion.

A little about the SVX:
The Subaru SVX was a vehicle built by Subaru from 1992 – 1997 and was the precursor to the WRX. The SVX engine is a 3.3 Liter, 4 cam  230HP Motor. It has 4 valves per cylinder and four cams driven by a toothed belt. This a non-interference engine, meaning that it will not self destruct if the cam belt breaks. It features an engine management computer capable of learning as you drive with input from crank and cam position sensors, two knock sensors, two oxygen sensors and it controls the spark, fuel injectors, and timing. It has no distributor, cap, rotor, or plug wires. The stock horsepower is rated at 230 at 5400 RPM and has a stock redline of 7000.  The SVX motors are so reliable that they are used in many airplanes today. We don’t know many pilots that would put the original Waterboxxer a plane. If they did I would not ride in it…

What we do is we remove the stock 70 – 110 HP VW motor and install the superior Subaru using a special adapter plate to the VW transmission. We then install or build the any of the many other upgrades you can dream of.  See build menu

We strive to furnish you with the best quality, best looking and best performing Vanagon we can. We are not magicians or super humans, thus things will break and we will make mistakes (remember, these vans are 20+ years old.)  That said we work hard and do the absolute best we can to make your ride safe, reliable and fantastic looking.