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Changing your lock to fit your key

Have you ever been frustrated at having multiple keys for the locks on your Volkswagen?

Now with this short video, you can remove the lock and barrel from your vehicle and change the lock to fit your ignition key so that you end up with a single key operating the entire vehicle.

And best of all, you use the existing parts meaning that you should be able to do this for free.

Have you ever wondered about the link between voltage and percentage charge? A percentage charge is just using the voltage to show how “full” is the battery.

Don’t let your voltage drop too low, and if the battery is not a real deep cycle leisure battery, keep it green.

Welcome to the VWT2OC website

The Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club is a UK national club for owners and enthusiasts of the classic Volkswagen transporter van. There are also some most welcome members from outside the UK.

If you are a Type 2 enthusiast why not join us ?

The Club aims to help its members maintain their vehicles both as preserved historic vans and as restored, or otherwise reclaimed, going concerns keeping a family travelling and camping happily.

Our members are spread right across the UK and some overseas members too, and the Club tries to provide activities and events that everyone can attend and enjoy. We have a strong presence at some of the UK’s biggest VW events as well as running our own camps and meeting up at smaller events.

Please allow 14 days following payment for your application to be processed.

If you need your membership more quickly, in some circumstances we may be able to give you a temporary membership number – please email our membership secretary.

Membership options


You can still pay by debit or credit card when you hit the subscribe button!
or Download the application form here and post us a cheque


Type 1 engine servicing

Hi Everyone,

Ever wanted to service your own engine but were uncertain on how?

This handy video guide shows you how to maintain your 1600 engine – setting the valves and timing, changing eh oil, tuning up that carburettor and changing the gearbox oil.

For those of you with a Beetle, there’s also tips on greasing the chassis – still important on your Type 2, even those of you with a Type 6 which are still prone to the rust bug.


Stanford Hall

Don’t forget one of the season’s premier events is due to take place this weekend.




Admission to this year’s event is £8.00 for adults and £1.00 for children aged between 4 and 14, children under 4 are free.
The gates open at 8am for public.

How to Find it:

For those travelling via a motorway, Stanford Hall is signposted from Junctions 18 and 20 of the M1, and Junction 1 of the M6. Stanford Hall can also be approached from the A14.
If you want to use a Satellite Navigation system, the postcode is LE17 6DH



The Concours d’Elegance is said to be the best in the country, specialising in cars of original specification, with seventeen classes this year covering the whole of the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche ranges plus a Super Class for all of last year’s winners.

For many years now Stanford Hall has seen many Owners’ Club displays, none more famous than the Split Screen Van Club display which, in previous years, has consisted of over 200 vehicles.
The Historic Volkswagen Display, promoted with the help of The Historic Volkswagen Club, which takes pride of place in front of the Hall.


This is a major part of the Stanford Hall event with well in excess of 100 traders meeting all of your VAG needs from that elusive NOS part you have been looking for, through service items, books and memorabilia – in fact everything associated with your VAG vehicle.


There are a number of catering stands on site ranging from doughnuts and burgers through to traditional fish and chips and speciality coffee, or you could try a leisurely visit to Stanford Hall’s own newly refurbished Tea Rooms, conveniently located in the courtyard.

Cars for Sale:

Thinking of buying or selling a used VW group car? Then the Cars for Sale area is a must visit location. Buying or simply browsing, there’s sure to be a large selection to choose from. The Cars for Sale area has gone from strength to strength with more and more cars on offer each year! The area must be the best way of advertising your vehicle to an enthusiast based audience and at the reasonable cost of £10.
Advanced booking is not required, simply turn up at the main gate on the day of the show. The area is filled on a first come, first served basis so get there early.

’57 VW 23w Samba rescued and rolling


This 1957 Samba, was pushed into a lake in Norway by a local hotelier when its gearbox failed in 1974. Thirty years later enthusiast Morten Lund learned of the drowned Volkswagen and hired a remote-controlled submersible to search for it, discovering the Microbus lying face down at a depth of 15 metres. Undeterred, he hired divers and a mobile crane and lifted out his catch last summer. Now Lund faces an equally mammoth task restoring the Volkswagen to road-going condition. The determined and hugely optimistic enthusiast excitedly told Practical Classics magazine: “It took me less than 30 minutes to get both front wheels rolling, and the steering works perfectly… The cargo floor and cab are nearly rust free – just some minor holes around the edges.”