VWT2OC Constitution

For anyone who wants to read our constitution, it is published here.

2 thoughts on “VWT2OC Constitution

  1. Nick Gillott

    Hi Richard, congratulations, those are highly desirable. Your best bet is https://www.ssvc.org.uk/ who specialize in that version and also do insurance valuations so that you can ensure that you know what it is worth before trying to advertise it.
    Nick (web site manager)

  2. Richard Bentley

    We have been in the very fortunate position of having acquired a fully restored 1957 RHD VW splitscreen. However, given its unique nature and condition it simply does not suit our current lifestyle – let alone me simply being unable to get behind the wheel. We take the opinion that this needs to continue to be nurtured and cared for by a true enthusiast. To that end we feel it needs to go to a new home and therefore plan to sell it. We have had conversations with people we know – including vintage vehicle enthusiasts themselves – and they have suggested it may be best to contact VW aficianados such as yourselves to see if there may be any interest in the vehicle or steer us towards the likeliest platforms best to sell it. I would be truly grateful for any information you can impart. Regards


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