Type 2 variants – What is a Type 2?

The VW Type 2 Owners Club welcomes anyone, especially if you have a Type 2. A Type 2 is not just a “Bay window” but all vehicles based on the Type 2 chassis. A Type 1 is a Beetle and vehicles built on that chassis. A Type 2 was the next generation chassis, starting in 1950 with the “new” split screen / kombi / van / bus and continuing with evolutionary updates up to the present day!

That covers a Split Screen:


A Bay Window:

A001_VW Bus by Ilya.Bur

A T25 or Vanagon:

$(KGrHqJ,!qIFCCyVMYTmBQo4Sq1 )w~~60_35

A T4:


A T5 or T6:

t5 three variants

Even a prototype:


Or a custom van:


2 thoughts on “Type 2 variants – What is a Type 2?

  1. Liz Sillery

    Hey everyone!
    Just wondering if there will be any rallies in the north west area. All the rallies look like they are all down south

    1. Nick Gillott

      Hi Liz,
      We are planning for camps at Seamer (Yorkshire) and Camper Jam (Shrophire) amongst others. We are looking at options on venues as previous camps have been the committee plus one or two members. If you have local knowledge of a venue or existing VW event where we could have a club camp, especially if you know a number of other members who would commit to going, our Events Manager (events@vwt2oc.co.uk) would love to hear from you.


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