The Driving Force

The Driving Force (Club Committee)

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President – Christie Leary

Christie was appointed President of the club at the 2016 Annual General Meeting following several years of sterling service as Chairman. She has owned her camper (along with her husband Derek) since it was new and still put many miles on the clock every year.

Christie and Derek Leary bought their Type 2 Camper  – aka ‘Daisy’ – in 1979. One of the last of its kind, it served the Learys well as transport during their careers as musicians and entertainers.

 Chairman – Malcolm Marchbank 

Malcolm has been a member of VWT2OC since 1997 and was made Chairman at the 2016 AGM. Malcolm has had several T25s over the years and has stories to tell about all of them (See Transporter Talk Issue 131). He is currently in he middle of the long task of restoring a bay window Westfalia. We wish him luck fitting it in along with all his other jobs!!

Club Secretary – Margaret Ward

Music fans Bob and Maggie Ward bought their 1974 Westfalia Continental conversion in 2000 to travel to music festivals. As a right-hand-drive model it’s something of a rarity. “We got fed up of sleeping in ditches and thought we deserved something better,”

Club Treasurer – Taff Hart

Taff was co-opted as Treasurer in September 2012 and was subsequently appointed to the role at the AGM in 2013. He has also been a member of the valuation team for over ten years and is currently looking after the website. He has been a member of the club for more than fifteen years and enjoys camping with his wife and children (whether they enjoy camping with him is another question…).

Membership Secretaries – Malcolm and Val Marchbank 

Malcolm lives in Herefordshire with partner Val and they are a formidable team in dealing with the role.

  Magazine Editors – Phil and Sophie 

Here’s a few words from Phil and Sophie about themselves:

‘Use our savings for a house deposit or campervan?’ we asked ourselves three years ago. The campervan won! Three years on and we have travelled all over the UK in ‘Bluebell’, completed a full restoration and started saving for that house deposit all over again!

Phil’s an engineer and Sophie’s a teacher. We own a Beetle ‘Mr Bojangles’ (restoration in progress!) and a ’79 T2 Bay Window, Devon Moonraker ‘Bluebell’.

We have a keen interest in aircooled VW’s and can be spotted at shows and events throughout the year. We love to go travelling in Bluebell and our adventures are snapped on our Instagram page, ‘VW Philosophies’ (give us a like if you use Instagram!).

We joined the VWT2OC as soon as we took the plunge into campervan ownership and are now very excited to start our new adventure as editors of the Club’s magazine.

Club Shop Manager – Vacant

Publicity Manager – Derek Leary

Derek is Christie’s husband and also a keen Camper,Home brewer,photographer and Club Jester .

Camping Manager – Vacant

Events Co-ordinator – Bob Ward

Bob and his wife (Maggie – Club Secretary) are veterans of numerous Glastonburys and other events, and the Wards’ Camper has earned its stripes. “It’s a lovely old van – even when it was in danger of getting stuck in muddy fields. There was one festival when it didn’t look like we were getting out, but by sheer determination I managed it. Thirty minutes later, other Campers were having to be dragged out by tractors.”

Website Manager (temporary)– Taff Hart.