The Driving Force

The Driving Force (Club Committee)

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President – Simon Holloway

One of the club’s founding members, literally member number 1, the key name behind BusFest and long term member of the Volkswagen scene, Simon has accepted a 3 year role as President of the club from 2020.

Chairman – Malcolm Marchbank 

Malcolm has been a member of VWT2OC since 1997 and was made Chairman at the 2016 AGM. Malcolm has had several T2s over the years and has stories to tell about all of them. He is currently in he middle of the long task of restoring a Bay window Westfalia. We wish him luck fitting it in along with all his other jobs!!

Club Secretary – Margaret Ward

Maggie & Bob have had many great adventures with “Freddie” the Rotti in their 1974 Westfalia Continental named “Ginger”. Maggie joined the committee in 2012 and is enjoying all its challenges.

Club Treasurer – Taff Hart

Taff was co-opted as Treasurer in September 2012 and was subsequently appointed to the role at the AGM in 2013. He was also a member of the valuation team for over ten years. He has been a member of the club for around twenty years and enjoys camping with his wife and children (whether they enjoy camping with him is another question…).

Membership Secretary – Val Lewis 

Val took on this job in 2014 and is responsible for all of your membership matters. She keeps a record of your membership details up to date and processes all your payments, cheques, Paypal and BACS. She may be contacted for any membership or club enquiries and will give you the BUSFEST discount code if you ask.

She lives in Herefordshire with Malcolm the Chairman and Lottie the Cocker spaniel who attends all VW camps with us and often features in the TT magazine.

Working together with Malcolm they make a great team supporting the VWT2OC.

Magazine Editors – Phil and Sophie

Here’s a few words from Phil and Sophie about themselves:
We have owned our ‘79 Devon Moonraker since 2013 we have travelled all over the UK in ‘Bluebell’, completed a full restoration and had the odd trip over to Europe too! 
Phil’s an engineer and Sophie’s a teacher. As well as our camper Bluebell, we also own a Beetle ‘Mr Bojangles’ and a Karmann Ghia ‘Unnamed’ . Both are restorations in progress! 
We both have a keen interest in aircooled VW’s and can be spotted at shows and events throughout the year, but we mainly love to go travelling in Bluebell with our co-pilot, Ruby the Springer Spaniel. 
We joined the VWT2OC as soon as we took the plunge into campervan ownership and are proud to be the current editors of the club’s magazine “Transporter Talk”.  

Production Manager – Jon Dyer

Jon has had two camper vans the first from 1996 to 2006 and his present Devon Moonraker double top since then. Jon has been a member since 1996 and has been on the Committee since 2012. Other VW’s to pass through his hands have been a 1303 Beetle, a Fastback and a Polo for his children to learn to drive in. His wife Tracey is grateful that they don’t have enough storage for more than one classic vehicle.

Publicity Manager – Derek Leary

Derek & his wife Christie joined VWT2OC in 1992. Owners of three bay windows during the 70’s. Dopey 1970, Jerky 1973 Daisy 1979. All doubled as transport,dressing room & accommodation during work life as entertainers. Daisy is still very much part of the family along with Dusty T5 who joined in 2009. Derek has served on the committee for a number of years starting off as camping co-ordinator. Now in charge of members Facebook page. Still very keen camper & club jester.

Events Manager – Lorna Williamson

Lorna spent over 30 years in Marketing at several large corporations, now she brings her flair and creativity to the owners club. When not looking into club events, or camping in her beloved Poppy (1972 Bay window crossover) with her hubby Nick, you can find her out for a long walk (via the pub), singing at events, or just doing her day job of singing as

Website Manager – Nick Gillott

Nick joined the club in 2013 and joined the committee in 2017, taking on the role of website manager from Taff Hart at the AGM in 2018. After building a new wooden interior for Poppy the camper van in 2013, rewiring and numerous other odd jobs around Poppy, he bought Eric the Viking in 2015 which is undergoing a full restoration. Read about Eric’s progress in the club magazine and on this site.

General Committee – Bob Ward

Bob the builder now retired is learning the art of restoring the campervan and getting her ready for the summer outings. He enjoys meeting up with all the other enthusiasts at meets and swapping stories.

General Committee – Andrew and Helen Hinchliffe

Andrew and Helen like to enjoy life in the slow lane travelling around the country in Gertie, their 1978 Westfalia Berlin.  We can be found at many VW Camper shows or camping with family and friends whatever the time of year or weather.

14 thoughts on “The Driving Force

  1. Jeff Morant

    Hi There,
    Just wondered wether it was at all possible to obtain a copy of the ‘Big Bay’ poster from Vanfest at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. I purchased a copy at the time and it hung on the living room wall for ages until we redecorated and it was mislaid. My Westfalia was in the photo AUY463M. I would love to get hold of a copy if its at all possible. Any information would be much appreciated.
    Best Wishes
    7 Embleton Close
    Leicestershire LE10 0UB

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      Apologies for the delay in replying.

      Your best bet for trying to source one of these would be busfest direct.

      If you go to and then to “Contact us” at the top of the page you might have a chance in getting a copy off them.

      Good luck with your search!!

  2. Paul Amabile

    Hi , tried to join the club but went straight to paypal nowhere to give my details etc, have been a member in the past could you please advise many thanks Paul.

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for wanting to renew your membership of our little club.

      The Paypal payment passes details of your e-mail address and postal address for our membership secretary to send you everything you need to be in the club.

      If you haven’t received your pack in a week or so please get in contact and we’ll sort it out.
      I’m sure that won’t be necessary though.

      Happy camping!!

  3. paul burke

    Hello . Iam looking at getting a valuation done on my t2 bay window. Ihave had one done buy the valuation officer who lives in loggerheads and would like to arrange another.
    Reguards Paul

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author


      Apologies for the delay in replying.
      Unfortunately, our officer in loggerheads has retired from their position so we can’t offer you one there.
      If you contact he will be able to advise you on the options available to you.
      Hope you get something sorted.


  4. vwt2ocadmin Post author

    Hi Jason,

    As you probably have found out, a lot of the site is open to the public so anybody can access it.

    Some of the site is password protected and the password is published every month in the club magazine that you will receive once the Membership Secretary has processed your application.
    Once you have received your magazines you should have no problem accessing protected , members only pages.

    Hope that this helps,


  5. Jason Mulcock

    Hi, Just brought a VW T2 about 3 months ago, and just getting my way around the engine! i have had a look in my haynes workshop and know what Gearbox fulid to put in, but could anyone tell me where it goes, maybe a diagram would be so kind?


    Jason Mulcock

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Jason,
      Apologies for the delay in replying and also for any jargon that I use in this reply that you may not understand
      There two plugs on the gearbox that you need to undo in order to change the gearbox oil.

      The first is on the bottom of the gearbox and is necessary to drain any of the old gearbox oil out.

      The second is on the side of the gearbox and allows oild and air in.

      To be honest, the plugs are opened by very large hex screws that are not in the usual tool kit and they are also quite difficult to open without damaging them as they are opened very infrequently, so I would recommend that you take the van to a quality VW garage and ask them to do this job as it will save your sanity and money in the long rin.

      Just make sure the garage put the correct gearbox oil in as they sometimes try to get away without using the correct grade. It sounds like yuou have already done your homework so that should be ok.

      I don’t want to sound negative, but I really think the above is the best course of action.

      I hopr this is of use.



  6. ollie

    Hello, i just wondered if anyone knew the cheapest insurance provider to go with for the T2 vw camper? I am 21 been driving for 4 years, adrian flux quoted £690, surely there is cheaper out there? Any help would be very helpful thanks ollie

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Ollie,

      I’m really sorry for the delayed reply.
      The price you have been quoted does sound high.
      You could try heritage insurance. they have always been very good for me.
      Their website is
      There is no denying that your age is against you.
      Could you add a parent as a named driver? It often helps to reduce the premium.
      Hope you have some luck.


  7. Paul wells

    Hi, I think ive just joined your club and would like to camp in the club area at Busfest do i need any info from you or do i just book into your area on there website. regard p. wells

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi Paul,

      You don’t need any specific information from us. Just book via the Busfest website and bring your membership card on the weekend.
      Thanks very much.


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