About The Club

The club was started at the British Volkswagen Festival of 1991, in response to the growing number of transporter/camper owners or enthusiasts. There was already a club for owners of split screen vans – but no national club that included the Bay or the wedge/brick.

The Club embraces all models of Type Two (Split screen, early Bay window, late Bay window, T25, Vanagon, T3, T4, T5 and T6) making it a natural home for all VW transporters.

The club purpose is to support owners of all transporters and campers based on the Type 2 Volkswagen van chassis, helping them to keep their vans on the road. We –

  • provide technical advice
  • negotiate discounts with useful retailers
  • organise camps and events
  • provide a magazine 6 times each year

For further details on what we do, please browse the website.

Please note that the club no longer offers a valuation service, this is for insurance reasons.

Meet the team.

6 thoughts on “About The Club

    1. Nick Gillott

      Hi Ian,
      I’m not aware of any parcel shelf being available since there are so many different interiors. You would almost certainly need a custom one since it cannot lift like a hatchback and could be reduced width if you have a wardrobe or other furniture inside.
      A local joiner may be able to assist or have a go yourself – we ended up making our own interior as we could not work out how to draw up our thoughts! Four years later and it is still there.

  1. Joe walker

    Hi I’ve joined and the money has been taken but I don’t have an email confirming anything. Is there a number to contact?
    Thanks Joe

  2. S G Sharman

    Hi trying to trace my t21969 Devon camper reg num Lnv. 843g orLnw843g that my family bought from its only owner bought in the middle 80 s dvla do not have it on there records I would like to know if it’s still around with a serious view to purchase any information would be very apreciated


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