Member’s Motor – Kirsteen Creasey – Mou

For this edition of Member’s Motor, we look
at Kirsteen’s Bay, called “Mou.” This is what
she had to say about it.

June 2015 – Mighty Dubfest, Alnwick,
Northumberland… unbeknown to me, my
brother (at the Dubfest with his T4 Autosleeper)
informed Ron (my other half) that “she would
love one of those” – a T2. My parents had owned
a succession of 5 bay windows and a T25 in
the ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s, so I had grown up with
VW Type Twos! My 50th birthday was looming
and we started looking, we thought we would
have to head down south on holiday to be
able to actually view some. However, a chance
conversation at the classic car show at our local
heritage railway and I heard of a van for sale in
Alnwick (5 miles from home). It was RHD with
a pop top – my two must haves – only possible
issue – it had a Subaru Impreza engine! My eldest
son (petrol head) was concerned that as I always
hear a water cooled engine approaching, I might
be disappointed with the van. I decided that
as my daily drivers for 20+ years have been
Subaru Impreza turbos, that wouldn’t be an issue
(can’t imagine where my son gets the petrol
head from!!)
So three weeks later Mou arrived, bought from
the mechanic who had put the Subaru engine
in. She needed lots of TLC inside, her Devon
furniture had seen better days, but we cleaned
and scrubbed her up and used her as she was
for Summer 2015 whilst we decided what we
would like to do with the interior. Externally
she was painted ‘Landrover blue’ – the previous
mechanic owner had done a lot of bodywork
repairs which he then painted with what he had
in his workshop.

In October 2016 we stripped out everything –
furniture, panels, floor, roof bellows, passenger
seat etc and I had a very noisy drive south of
the Tyne to get her re-sprayed back to original –
Orient Blue and Pastel White. We then replaced
the roof bellows, the metal rods needed to be
taken out of the old bellows and slotted into
the new ones, I did this on the living room floor
(the only place in the house big enough) during
my Christmas holiday 2016. I had to cut the new
bellows to put the metal rods in – I measured
many, many times before making the first cut!! I
laid the floor tiles whilst Ron was recovering from
a knee replacement (that meant I could escape
to the garage!) Stephen, my eldest son, as well
as being a petrol head, also likes turning his hand
to anything, he made the cupboards and table (not bad for a scientist!). The cab seats, bed cushions, panels and
headliner were all completed by a local upholsterer and we fitted
them in.

I have taken Mou to a number of local classic car shows, in various
states of completion, people are always interested in what you have
done. We have enjoyed many holidays and weekends away – The
North Coast 500, the Welsh coast, annual visits to the Lake District,
to name a few. Hopefully we will get to Skye in 2021 (postponed
from 2020). We have been to the Mighty Dubfest, Beach Gathering,
Volksfling and Volkspower festivals regularly as they are relatively
local. Tagged on the end of a holiday to East Anglia we went to
Viva Skeg Vegas in 2017. On the end of our holiday around the
Welsh coast we went to Volksfest Wales in 2019 where Mou won
‘Best Bay’. After 17 years of living together, Ron and I got married on
27th August, we were already booked to go to the Budle Bay Beach
Gathering on 28th August for the bank holiday weekend so that
became our ‘campermoon’ obviously!

Whilst looking through photos on Northumberland Transporters
Facebook page I spotted a van for sale that had belonged to
my parents in the ’70s – it wasn’t the original colour anymore
but I recognised the number plate, so not content with owning
one T2, February 2020 I bought a second; but that’s a story for
another time….