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The Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club is a UK national club for owners and enthusiasts of the classic Volkswagen transporter van. There are also some most welcome members from outside the UK.

If you are a Type 2 enthusiast why not join us ?

The Club aims to help its members maintain their vehicles both as preserved historic vans and as restored, or otherwise reclaimed, going concerns keeping a family travelling and camping happily.

Our members are spread right across the UK and some overseas members too, and the Club tries to provide activities and events that everyone can attend and enjoy. We have a strong presence at some of the UK’s biggest VW events as well as running our own camps and meeting up at smaller events.

Please allow 21 days following payment for your application to be processed.

If you need your membership more quickly, in some circumstances we may be able to give you a temporary membership number – please email our membership secretary.

NOTE – if you click the Subscribe link below, you will be taken to the EXTERNAL WEB SITE for Paypal. This club cannot accept liability for incorrect details being placed onto that site when you look to sign up – please check your contact details are correct as we cannot get access to your Paypal account.

Payment Options

You can still pay by debit or credit card when you hit the subscribe button!
or Download the application form here and post us a cheque


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About Nick Gillott

Website Manager and General Committee member of the Owners Club. Owner of Eric the Viking (converted panel van with Viking roof) undergoing complete restoration. Tinkerer to Poppy the camper van (1972 Crossover dormobile).

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the VWT2OC website

  1. Ceri Dash

    I’m trying to track down a VW T2 that belonged to our family around 1979. I have the reg number but nothing else. According to the DVLA website, the vehicle is still on the road & being MOT’d. I’d love to knwo its whereabouts just for sentimental reasons.

    Would I be allowed to post something on your site or do you know of any other sites I could post to?

    Thank you

  2. Robin Williams

    We are trying to get hold of you. Our insurance company have said that our camper needs to be valued by Club to get an assured value but we don’t know how to go about it. Any ideas?

    1. Nick Gillott Post author

      Hi Robin,
      For insurance reasons, the club has not been offering valuations for some years. A lot of insurance companies will do agreed values without a club validation – do you have a local VW aircooled specialist who can do one?

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