1955 Forest find split screen

The Type 2 Owners Club welcomes all transporters from this Type 2, T1 (the split screen) up to the current T6 and the planned id Buzz.

Here is a short video on a group of friends who rescued a split screen from a Swedish forest.



2 thoughts on “1955 Forest find split screen

  1. Stuart Cheeseman

    Dear Sirs
    I have a 1974 VW Type 2 Devon that I have been restoring but am now unable to complete the project. Can i advertise the vehicle for sale in your club magazine? I have produced an A5 size advertisement in colour and black and white which I can send to you. If this is not suitable perhaps I can have just a text only advertisement. I am not a member of your club though I was once many years ago.

    1. Nick Gillott Post author

      Hi Stuart,
      Further to my other note, send the details to our Editor Phil.

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