The next club magazine is on its way

The next edition of the club magazine has been finished by our Editors and looks fantastic. It should be arriving through your door soon!


Thanks to our Editors for a great looking new edition.


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Website Manager and General Committee member of the Owners Club. Owner of Eric the Viking (converted panel van with Viking roof) undergoing complete restoration. Tinkerer to Poppy the camper van (1972 Crossover dormobile).

2 thoughts on “The next club magazine is on its way

  1. Sara Smith

    Hiya everybody, first time on this page
    Here is my story !
    Growing up my nan and grandad had a beautiful VW camper van.(we still have it)
    Many of travels and shows and happy memories happened all thanks to the VW type 2 owners club. I have had experiences that will never leave me and many a happy memory.
    Rewind 11 years and my grandad passed away, memories live on grandad went on one final journey from the church to the crem in his beloved van. Due to my nan not driving we have not been able to attend the shows as we once did.
    Fast forward I have set a date for my wedding and my one wish is that I can use grandads van to take me to meet my fate 🤣🤣
    What I need is to see if there is any one in or around Wigan that will kindly donate an hour and of course their van to get my bridesmaids to the final destination . I will happily cover cost traveling!!!
    My grandad was called Ron smith he had a German Shepard called sherry and my nans name is Eileen if any one remembers them please feel free to get in touch
    Thank you for reading x

    1. Nick Gillott Post author

      Hi Sara,
      A great story. When is the big day and we can ask the members.
      Best wishes,

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