This VW Type 2 Sidecar is the Most Vantastic Way To Ride Shotgun



Back in 2007, a quirky three-wheeled concoction was featured in Scootering magazine, and the sidecar game hasn’t been the same since. Paired and color-matched with a Lambretta, this minature Volkswagen Type 2 Bus creation is the perfect transportation for a kid, a dog, or maybe a tasty pizza pie.

This car was built and is owned by a man named Jay Dyer. He built it so his then 11-year-old son could come riding with him. A long-time enthusiast, he wanted his kid to enjoy that part of his life with him. So, Dyer came up with the idea to make this. According to Geeky Gadgets, it took him about seven months to weld, paint, and craft the whole thing after buying the shell.



“We get absolutely mobbed by people when we take it to shows and journeys can take ages because we’re constantly stopped for photos,” Dyer said in his interview. “No one has ever seen anything like it and it’s a great feeling to see the look on people’s faces once they realize it’s a miniature camper van. I’ve had scooters for 27 years and see them as an iconic part of British culture. I’m glad to make my contribution.”

The project reportedly took about 2,500 British Pounds, or $3,800 by today’s conversion, and he has had plenty of offers exceeding 8,000 pounds, or more than $12,000. He said he’d never sell it, though. Let’s hope he’s maintained that attitude