Guide to buying a VW campervan

Finding the right VW campervan for you If there is one iconic vehicle that represents the campervan it’s the Transporter-based model from VW. Since going on sale in 1950, there have been five different versions, with a new one due for release this year. And they are more popular than ever which makes buying one an absolute minefield. Unless you have this reference tome to handy.

VW Campers are generally built by specialist conversion companies and only in the last ten years or so by Volkswagen itself, but many are created by competent owners using off-the-shelf kits, or relying on their own DIY skills, either way the range of options available proving practically infinite. Each and every one is based on Volkswagen’s Transporter, a vehicle that has been around since 1950 and is now about to enter its sixth incarnation. Though a ubiquitous and popular vehicle in its own right, there is no doubt that the Transporter owes much of its success to the iconic status of the VW Camper.
So, are you tempted? Have you always fancied a VW Camper but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you own one already but secretly crave something with the latest creature comforts, or maybe a head-turning classic air-cooled model.

Whatever the dream, a new book called, rather aptly, the VW Camper Buyers’ Guide might help you on your journey to making it reality. This handy paperback will acquaint you with the history of the VW Camper and give a rundown of the best conversions over the years. This will help you understand the benefits of each generation, from the earliest split-screen campers to the latest new models. Which ones will suit your needs and which ones won’t? It’s time to assess your requirements and decide on the ideal VW Camper for you and your budget, before learning what to look for when viewing vehicles for sale and, or course, how much to pay.

Select the right model of VW for youInside the VW camperWhether you are new to VW Campers or a seasoned enthusiast, the VW Camper Buyers’ Guide is the only source of in-depth advice on buying all five generations of this iconic vehicle.

Richard Copping is Britain’s leading Volkswagen author and historian. With more than 25 books to his credit, he has written extensively on both the Volkswagen Transporter and the Volkswagen Camper. The book is in paperback format, measures 210x148mm and has 224 pages with 250 illustrations. The ISBN is 978-0-9928769-1-3. Published on 1 April 2015 by Behemoth and priced at £14.99, the VW Camper Buyers’ Guide is available from bookshops, Amazon and other online retailers.