Add a kitchen pod to your campervan
Washing facilities on top


If your camper conversion is missing something culinary in the form of an actual kitchen or there isn’t space to swing a leg of lamb then have a look at the new range of kitchen pods from Reimo. The pods are designed for fitting in VW T5-based campers and use a Reimo railing system which is fitted first by CamperWork’s sister company, Nomad Campervans. This is to ensure that the kitchen pod doesn’t shift in transit. When parked up the pod can then be used inside the van, or easily removed from the railing system and taken outside where there’s more room to cook. This also means that if you are doing a school run rather than out camping, the kitchen pod can be kept in storage until needed, freeing up vital space.

Extra gas cooking faciltiies
The kitchen pod range starts with the Reimo VW T5 Cooky, which is the budget option in the range. The Cooky doesn’t come with a camping stove or coolbox but does have lots of storage. The Reimo Kompact is the mid-range option and is like having a portable sink unit. It features a sink and water system for fresh water, waste water, a pump and water taps. It has a cutlery drawer and a shelf to place a portable gas hob on. The MultiVan Pantry is part of the premier range and offers and integrated sink with glass lid, spacious storage compartment and space for a gas camping stove. At the top of the range the California Beach finally adds cooking facilities with a double-burner gas hob with glass top and storage cabinet big enough to put a 2.8kg gas bottle inside. Prices range from £650 to £1,250. Discover more at CamperWorks.