Volkswagen T6 Transporter GTI Is as Weird as It Is Awesome

On 15th April, Volkswagen took the covers off its brand new T6 Transporter family, which ranges from the very basic CV to the luxurious Multivan. It’s a very special vehicle that offers an alternative to the Mercedes V-Class, but does so in an understated manner.

What’s interesting is that even though the T6 is about being practical, economical and safe, some people dream of going fast in it. While Volkswagen has offered hot versions of its Transporter commercial vehicle in the past, these were never badged higher than “Sport.”

But take this rendering made by X-Tomi Design, which adds the GTI bits we all know and love.

These include a distinctive red stripe, which used to go around the grille, but now travels through both headlights since the Golf 7. Below that, we have a special honeycomb grille, a spoiler and some tiger claw strikes on the daytime running lights.

Of course, it’s fun to dream of a 500 horsepower Transporter, but is such a things even possible? Well, yes and no. The Transporter’s arch rival, which is the Ford Transit, has been turned into a V8-powered drag racing machine and there was also a Transit Connect with a Focus RS engine a few years back.

But you see a lot more hot vans in America, where it’s not unusual to turn a VW Bus into some 2 million horsepower monster that can pop wheelies on command.

Volkswagen may own the second largest automotive group in the world, but it has the largest parts bin and could easily find something good to throw under the T6’s nose. We’re thinking something along the lines of a supercharged V6 or the 4.2-litre V8 TDI from the Touareg would work great