Prices held at Camping and Caravanning Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club continues to focus on offering great value for money by freezing the price of its Online Membership at just £37 for 2015. This great news for members follows a very successful year for the Club in 2014, which saw the household membership figure rise to 262,576 at the end of December.

Much of this success was down to the launch of the Online Membership offering in spring 2014. It has proven a hit with Club members – nearly 35,000 households have already opted for this significantly discounted, paper-free subscription. Online Membership offers all the benefits of the paper equivalent, but instead of receiving printed versions of the Club magazine and sites directories, the same information is offered in digital format.

The Club magazine, Camping & Caravanning, is available online as a turn-page edition, and all the Club’s campsites can be researched through its SiteSeeker app. Once the SiteSeeker app is downloaded, you don’t need internet access to launch it and research your next site.

If you do have internet access, though, it is possible to click through within the SiteSeeker app to book your holiday online via the Club’s revamped site pages, which are optimised for mobile device use.

And more recently, Online Membership is complemented by an interactive magazine app as the latest addition to the Club’s growing digital offering for members. The app, entitled Camping & Caravanning, is available as an iPad download from Apple’s App Store. It mirrors the award-winning print version of Camping & Caravanning magazine, which continues to be published every month.

The Club’s Membership Services Director, Darren Whittington, said: “The way people choose to consume information has changed drastically in recent years: we now have more visitors to our website via tablet and mobile devices than we do from laptop or desktop computers.

“That’s why we’re delighted by the enthusiastic response to our Online Membership offering, which recognises this preference. And crucially, it enables us to offer a significant discount over paper membership to our members.”

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