Volkswagen Has a Backup If Volkswagen Amarok Fails

The new Transporter series T6 from Volkswagen was shown off at the IAA Show last year. Based on the speculations right now, we might be seeing the T6 this year.

Under the hood of the Volkswagen T6 is a 2.0 TDI diesel engine that will be powered by a 201hp and will be mated to a seven speed DSG transmission. It will need about 10seconds to go from 0 – 100km/h and will have a top speed of 115mph.

The Volkswagen T6 will be coming in with new LED headlights. Volkswagen also gave it some new lines on the side and also a modified front design. The T6 will also come with a 20inch tablet table that can be used for video conferencing. They also gave it a sound system. Customers can also choose to add on an espresso machine if they want to.

The Volkswagen T6 will have two loading space, the flatbed area to load large items and the water tight drawer that is located under the flatbed. There have been talks that we might get to see the Volkswagen T6 at the Geneva Motor Show this year

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