Chancellor George Osborne spends summer in a campervan with family


George Osborne has revealed he went on holiday in a Strawberry camper van over the summer because of pressure from his daughter and has lost two stone by eating healthily and running.

Mr Osborne, who has a 13-year-old son called Luke and a daughter Liberty, 11, revealed the family swapped 11 Downing Street for barbecuing burgers and sleeping in a campervan this summer. His daughter suggested they spend the summer touring Derbyshire in the van and the Chanceller said this allowed them to explore the Peak District undisturbed.

He added: “She got an idea in ther head we should get a pimped-up VW campervan. It was very cool, strawberry coloured.”

Mr Osborne said the van hire company initially did not believe who he was when he hired the VW and he had to prove who he was by going through a google search with staff.

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