1. Welcome to the VWT2OC website…

The Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club is a UK national club for owners and enthusiasts of the classic Volkswagen transporter van.There are also some most welcome members from outside the UK.

If you are a type 2 enthusiast why not join us ?

The Club aims to help its members maintain their vehicles both as preserved historic vans and as restored, or otherwise reclaimed, going concerns keeping a family travelling and camping happily. From the technical team helping out with advice, to the mutual support of other owners chatting at events and camps, there is plenty to encourage even the most reluctant restorer. Our members are spread right across the UK, and the Club tries to provide activities and events that everyone can attend and enjoy. Mostly, we run camps and rallies where members meet up and relax. There are also valuations and restoration teaching rallies. Finally, we also have a strong presence at some of the country’s biggest VW events, including Camper Jam, BVF and Busfest.

Please allow 14 days following payment for your application to be processed.

If it is urgent you may be given a temporary membership number on an e mail request to the membership secretaries.

Membership options


You can still pay by debit or credit card when you hit the subscribe button!

or Download the application form here and post us a cheque!!


2 thoughts on “1. Welcome to the VWT2OC website…

  1. Denise

    I’m wondering if you are able to help?
    I’m the owner of a VW Type 2, Westfalia. We imported in from California when we moved here, we are now returning and are reluctantly selling the VW. I have no idea of the value of the vehicle as I see when searching that they vary dramatically depending upon condition.
    Do you know or can you recommend anyone that could give me a professional valuation? I am willing to pay for a professional service.
    Many thanks,

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi there,

      Until the turn of the year, the club used to perform their own valuations on vans.
      Since then we have had to stop as the insurance costs to do this were too high.
      As a result of doing our own, we have no knowledge of anyone who might be able to do it for you.
      I know it’s not ideal, but you might be able to gauge the value you should charge by looking at VolksWorld magazine to see what vans of a condition similar to yours are going for.
      Sorry we can’t be more helpful.



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