Amazing performance Porsche powered German T5!!! c

Thanks to a 580 hp Porsche engine, the RV Camper Space runs TH5 270 km/h.The prototype of a new brand furious buses can be seen shortly.

270.9 km / h top speed, which is the official record of the mobile home SpaceCamper TH5 on the high-speed Nardo circuit in Italy. Thus, the prototype based on a VW T5 in cooperation between RWVehicle GmbH (represents the SpaceCamper ago) and probably of the Berlin bus tuning company TH Automobile was created to be the fastest motorhome in the world. After the record run those in charge are now gone one better and plan to offer the raging motorhome under a new brand for purchase. For both individuals and companies have already signaled their interest in buying. Initiator of the company is Peter Creutzig, general importer of SpaceCamper in Switzerland. TH Automobile and RW vehicles come as a possible supplier in question.

Unlike originally announced, the price of an already very extensively equipped vehicle should be around 180,000 euros plus VAT, but may vary depending on individual customer needs achieve well over 200,000 euros. Market launch is probably secondary to the motorhome is planned in the fourth quarter of 2014 also offer also the fastest office and the fastest person in the world Shuttle.

Engine, transmission and some suspension parts of SpaceCamper TH5 come from a Porsche 997, the engine develops from 3.6 liters of displacement thanks to twin charging a power of mighty 580 hp and 680 Newton meters of torque. About a five-step automatic the force is released from the Porsche heart on the rear axle. To enable the sporty rear-wheel drive, the standard equipped with front transverse engine T5, the engine was planted in the rear of the vehicle – as the last VW T3.

The acceleration to 100 km / h is to be completed in 4.9 seconds, which corresponds approximately to the sprinting ability of an Audi S5. Up to 200 km / h, the producers are even at only 13.6 seconds, with which the mobile home would be a new BMW M4 collect. At 280 km / h, the feed should end only, but in the Italian Nardo it arrived as part of a tuning events to the local high-speed circuit only” for the aforementioned 270.9 km / h. Electronics problems prevented a short-term power output of 700 hp and thus the actually targeted top speed of 300 km / h.

Also inside shines the SpaceCamper TH5 with superlatives: largest trunk, largest load-through hatch and lightest seat elements in its class so it promises at least the RW automotive GmbH in Darmstadt, which offers camping conversion SpaceCamper in three different versions for civilian motorized T5.