How to make a VW hubcap clock

Picture of VW Hubcap Clock


For a VW nut like me, there is only one way to spend time… Working on my VW, of course! But, alas, how do I keep track of time? Well, after countless swap meets, there came the birth of a new type of clock: a hubcap clock.

My original intent was to hang it in my garage, but having a clock also would’ve been another trip to the store. So the hubcap clock was born. You will also need a clock mechanism, and a basic one from Hobbycraft should do or you can steal one from an old unused clock you may have in the garage.

Basically, once you have cleaned your hubcap up, you want to drill a hole through the center of it. Start with a small hole, and gradually grow to the size of the mechanism. This may seem slower, but it is more accurate. Once drilled, sand or file down any rough edges, and thread you mechanism into the hubcap. Put the nut on the outside, and viola! Your done! Now just find that empty spot on the wall in your garage to hang it on, and all of your friends will want one. I apologize for the lack of photos, I made this before I made the instruct able. Thankfully, it is a fairly easy project.

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