Camping Tips That Are Borderline Genius

1. Sage bundles are great for keeping nagging insects at bay. Make a bundle and set it over hot coals. The smoke is a deterrent to midges and other annoying pests.

2. Emergency toilet paper is always a good thing to pack. A good idea is to stick a back-up wad in a small watertight container, along with some cotton balls and some extra matches — just in case.

3. Duct tape is extremely useful stuff when camping, but you never really need an entire roll. Instead, wrap duct tape around a water bottle or knife sheath. It shouldn’t stick to itself and you’ll know exactly where to find it when the time comes.

4. Cabbage leaves are great for wrapping meat. Stick your meat straight onto the coals and cook without worrying that your meal might crisp into charcoal.

5. Whistles are important to have, in case of an emergency. Did you know you can make one out of an acorn cap? Learn more here.

6. Drinking straws can function as single serve spice and ointment containers. Cut plastic straws into 1/2 inch pieces, seal one end closed with a lighter, and fill with anti-biotic ointment, toothpaste, salt, pepper, paprika, you name it! Just seal the remaining end with a lighter and you’re ready to trek!

7. Wax-dipped cotton balls are great emergency fire starters. Make them at home with candle drippings and toss them in your watertight case until you need them.

8. Toothpaste always adds unnecessary bulk to a pack. Instead, dry out toothpaste dots and dust them with baking soda. Once they’ve dried, toss them in a bag and viola! — you have preportioned toothpaste dots that take up 1/4 of the space of a traditional tube of toothpaste.

9. Getting lost is no fun, which is way biodegradable trail marking tape is so important. If you are out camping with your kids, make sure they have a roll of this trail tape to mark their way while on hikes. It is super fun for kids to use and helps to prevent disorientation on longer treks for the young and old alike.

10. Matches are great to have, but the box striker is often worn out or faulty. Instead, glue sandpaper onto your matchbox — or on the bottom of that watertight tin. Matches will light more easily, and it can double as a knife sharpener in a pinch.