Rain does not deter a V Dubber


Rain does not deter a V Dubber

VW Cruise

VW Cruise


But driving sleet and rain didn’t deter 30-plus fans of the camper from turning out on the region’s roads in preparation for a festival later in the year.

On Sunday the enthusiasts of the cult Volkswagen brand headed in convoy from Pickering to Whitby, via Goathland, and off down to Scarborough for the day.

The meeting was organised by former Whitby resident Adam Hayes, who is organising a V-Dub festival in the area on May 10. He wanted to promote the area to camper van fans who will be visiting the festival from other parts of the country.

Adam, who now lives in Pickering, said: “With the show only being for one day, people will be camping on the Saturday night and some are coming from Scotland and some who have not been to the area.

“The original idea was to show them what to do on the Sunday, landmarks and attractions but what we have shown them is Whitby in the rain.

“But people still wanted to come out. Rain does not deter a V-Dubber.”

It will be the first time such a gathering has taken place in the area with most of the V Dub festivals in the south.

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