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The one thing that is as inevitable as death or taxes – at least as far as owning a classic vehicle is concerned! – is the amount of work that will be necessary to keep it on the road and working well. Fortunately, we have a couple of ways of helping our members to keep camping.

For a start, we have a valuation service to provide your insurance company with an idea of just what your van is really worth. If you have a crash without an agreed value, most companies will pay you the scrap value, which for a 40-odd year old van will be shockingly low! An agreed value takes into account more than just the value of the metal. Sadly, we do get calls from distraught owners whose insurance has not been secured on an agreed value, and the results are grim.

To book a valuation, please contact . The valuations are usually carried out by one of our officers either at a show, or if you live near enough to the officer, at some pre-arranged point. Valuation costs £20 for members. You will need six photos of your van (showing each side) and some of the interior.

Once you have your valuation, it is suggested that you update it at intervals, especially if you do any major work (rebuild the interior, replace the engine, etc). Also, and probably most importantly KEEP UP WITH THE GENERAL WORKING MAINTENANCE! This cannot be stressed enough.

We also have a team of volunteers who have a vast amount of knowledge on the various versions of the T2 van. They are extremely enthusiastic, so sometimes you may find that a telephone call lasts longer than you intended! To speak to a technical advisor, again email for details of your local contact.

Finally, the Club has amassed a collection of technical sheets, which you will find in the technical help section of the website. They may need some minor updates, but they are a good starting point for the regular sort of maintenance your van may need. They are available here.

3 thoughts on “Valuations

  1. Barry

    Are you able to assist me with registering my bus in the UK, it’s a 1971 RHD South African Westfalia none walk through with SO67R interior?

    The South African equivalent of our V5C indicates that the bus is a 1979 which it obviously isn’t going by the chassis plate, the low front indicators, small rear lights and curved engine vents….My chassis number and the bus are correct for 1971 (2312******) but with a 5 month delay from VW for a certificate of manufacture etc I wonder if there is any other way of convincing DVLA that my bus is not anything other than a 71???I have it insured and MOT’d as a 1971 but now it just sits on the drive awaiting a 71 age related registration and has been sat there for 2 months up to now!

    I also have a 1972 LHD VW deluxe microbus from USA and a 1974 RHD VW double cab pickup both awaiting MOT work and registration.

    best regards,

    Hartlepool, NE UK

    1. vwt2ocadmin Post author

      Hi there,

      Until the turn of the year, the club used to perform their own valuations on vans.
      Since then we have had to stop as the insurance costs to do this were too high.
      As a result of doing our own, we have no knowledge of anyone who might be able to do it for you.
      I know it’s not ideal, but you might be able to gauge the value you should charge by looking at VolksWorld magazine to see what vans of a condition similar to yours are going for.
      Sorry we can’t be more helpful.



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